Icelandic Codfish Skin Twists | Dog Treats 8 oz

SKU: TP014

Size: 8oz


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Customer Reviews

Based on 127 reviews
Rebekah Farrstrom
Company feels like a scam

They used to be really great, unfortunately, quality and customer service have both gone out the door. They have gotten so much more expensive. But quality has gone way down. The cod rolls used to last long and be actual skin, now they’re a totally different consistency and quality.. And yet they somehow cost more. I was so excited when I found this company over a year ago, but I will unfortunately be finding a new treat supplier now. I highly suggest doing the same! Not to mention, the 2 times I have placed an order with a coupon this company has sent me directly to my email, (they don’t send me coupons often so it was exciting when they did) they will take weeks and not get ahold of me, not ship my order. Then I have to email them to ask about an update, then they let me know that they “don’t have” the products I purchased (even though it never says out of stock on website) and that they can only replace it with a cheaper/crappier version. For example, I purchased 4 bags of salmon skin rolls this time with the coupon, I wasn’t given any update for almost 2 weeks. I finally sent an email to check in and they claimed the salmon skin is out, they can replace it with the less expensive/crappier quality cod skin rolls. But this whole time is still says the salmon rolls are in stock on the site? It really all feels like a scam at this point. I’m so disappointed in this company. Buyer beware. This company does not honor coupons and has really awful customer service.

Something was seriously wrong with this product.

We have bought these so many times from our local store. They were out, so I purchased directly from tickled pet. They arrived rotten with white spots and a horrendous smell, not the normal fish smell from the many bags we've had previously. They sent me a replacement and it was the same. My store just got more in, thankfully, and they are wonderful. I guess every bag will be a gamble, but working with my local store will be way better than working directly with Tickled Pet.

Randal West

Great treat!!

Anne Thom
Absolutely the Best Treat on the Planet

I had picked up some Tickled Pet treats at the State Fair. When we ran out - I had packed them away for Christmas (yes, dogs have Christmas) and they were gone in short order. Healthy for the dogs and they love them. Great for me because they don't stink badly nor are the remnants left anywhere. I will be stocking up again now that I found Tickled Pet online. Thank you!

Therese Baer
Icelandic Cod Treats

All three of my dogs love these! This is a healthful, low-calorie treat I don't mind giving my two older dogs, who tend to put on weight with other types of treats.

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