Icelandic Codfish Skin Twists | Dog Treats 8 oz

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Size: 8oz


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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Carrie Ferguson
Fish Skin Cigars

Earl has been enjoying Islandic Codfish Skin Twists for 3 years. We used to get from a store in Charlottesville, Va that recently closed. They are his favorites! In fact, he writes about them in a blog! We call them Fish Skin Cigars because his dear departed brother, Floyd used to suck on his and he always looked like a little old man with a cigar tucked in the side of his mouth. Do not ever stop making these wonderful treats!

Kimberly J
Daily treat!

My dog absolutely loves these Codfish Skin Twists! Every night I shake a few out - he seems to enjoy the act of choosing one for himself and he’s quite discerning about it. Just as he grabs the chosen twist his tail wags and he settles down to enjoy his treat. Makes me smile every single time. Sometimes he’ll take a snooze with one paw on the twist. These are extremely reliable treats for him. I’m grateful. Thank you!

Mary Graves
Pitbull allergies

My dog is allergic to a lot of meats but no issues with Fish. He goes absolutely crazy when I pull the bag out.

Healthy Treats

My lab loves these fish sticks!

Kathleen Craig
Scottish Terriers tickled about Icelandic Codfish Skin Twists

Mhairi and Geordie love their "Fishies". We may have to start spelling the word.
I wish that I could send a pix of Geordie's gleeful fishee skin toss.

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