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Size: 16 oz


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joseph Russo
Four Paws Up!

Cooper, our Cockapoo, LOVES the chicken jerky! It is one of the highlights of his day along with his orange ball)!

Chrissy Yinger

My dogs absolutely LOVE these!

OK, but not great

These appear to be chicken that has been ground in a blender to a paste and then spread out in a thin layer and dried. It looks and has the texture of a fruit "leather" which is made by the same process. The resulting product is about 1/16" thick or slightly thicker. They break apart easily into smaller pieces which is good for smaller dogs. From a different supplier, I have bought actual chicken breasts that have been sliced very thin and then dehydrated. The resulting chicken jerky is much nicer and more natural. These are just OK, nothing special. My dog eats both, but goes crazy over the thinly sliced and dehydrated treats of the other supplier. On the plus side, these treats list only one ingredient, US chicken, and they seem to be decent quality.

Peggy Degrassi
This is a perfect treat!

My dogs love this. Easy to break apart to use for training treats. Highly recommend. Good value relative to others.

Chicken Jerky is her Favorite Treat!

My 1 year+ Bernedoodle loves Chicken Jerky and they are by far her favorite treat! She loves chicken but has a sensitive stomach, particularly with anything raw. These are slow cooked and so she doesn't have any issues with them at all. They are great because you can break them into pieces or leave it whole and let them chew it out (unfortunately only lasts 15 seconds :-) so not really a chew activity for our dog. I tend to break it up and use pieces as training and reward treats, she always sits and downs for Chicken Jerky. Highly recommend!

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