Sweet Potato Strips 16oz Chewy Rawhide Alternative | Dog Treats 16 oz

SKU: TP013

Size: 16 oz


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Annette Weishaar

Sweet Potato Strips 16oz Chewy Rawhide Alternative | Dog Treats 16 oz

Amy S
The Sweet Potato Chips Are A Big Hit With Our Puppy

They smell delicious and our pup loves them. We love the pure single ingredients. Customer service is fantastic!

stacey barto
Great treats

Best sweet potato treats! Large cuts and not all dried out likes some. My dogs love them!

Great Item!

Just ordered another bag! Every dog in our neighborhood loves them. I offered on to a friend’s dog who she had been trying forever to get to eat sweet potatoes and carrots. Megan sniffed at it, I picked it up and sort of made a tear in the middle. Megan ate both the little one and the bigger one and loved it. Even Mr. Fussypants (my Shaggy) loves them! Great stuff and safe … love it!

Heather C.
Different Product Consistency

I was picking up the sweet potato strips at Salem Pet Supply prior as their location is two doorways down from my pup’s physical therapy office. The color was always nice & orange and the texture was a little on the chewy side. With them being out of stock for so long i was ecstatic to sign up for scheduled delivery on your site. Sadly i received two bags of really hard chews that were dried out & white in color. My pup wasnt as excited about them as he had been prior (he would drool when he saw the bag) i gave him a strip and he seemed to struggle a bit with chewing it & ended up with a bit of a loose stool after. Perhaps the process has changed making the treats differently? I’m not sure what to do with the two bags i have but i have stopped the delivery for the future.

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