"Every now and then I do something that I assume some other normal people do as well; I stop and read the ingredient list of the food I buy for myself, my family and the dogs we love. 

Sometimes it's fairly simple, just beef, chicken or veggies. Other times it starts off nicely, beef, rice (a filler, but nothing dangerous) and then it goes into a list of 19 letter names that you need a dictionary to figure out what they are, which usually makes me put it right back on the shelf."

Does this sound like you?

The Single Ingredient Treat:
The single ingredient treat is as simple as buying raw beef at the butcher shop, fresh veggies at the fruit store or fresh fish in the fish market. It's simply one ingredient. Be it beef, chicken or fish with nothing else added. 

We want you to be able to spend time doing the things you love, instead of reading product labels.