We we're fed-up with what's commonplace in our industry, charging our customers too much for not such high quality pet treats and supplies.  

In 2013 we had decided that we needed to find something a little more meaningful and less stressful then selling electronics as we were doing at the time, and decided to go back to our roots and make pets and their pet parents happy.

In 1960, our grandmother, Diane, opened a pet shop in Edina, Minnesota. She sold everything in that little store, from cats and dogs to monkeys and parrots. And, of course, pet food and treats. Her customers knew they could count on her for tasty, healthy food and supplies. She opened a second location soon after, based on her commitment to caring for animals with love.

In late 2014 after having a hard time stocking some of the healthier options, we decided it was time to launch our own brand. Using the knowledge we had gained, we started sourcing only the best natural American pet treats, and our customers loved them. 

It’s quite accurate to say that our grandma is tickled with our thriving business. It’s been over 50 years since our family got into the pet business, and scores of beloved pets later, we are confident in our products and know that we have the right match for your pet and your family.

Our tempting and tasty treats use only the highest quality ingredients that your pet will love to eat. We strive to keep everything simple by offering single ingredient, made in the USA treats to help provide healthy treats for the one you love. We want your pet to live a long and happy life, and our treats are just the thing to boost your pet’s overall health and vitality.

Tickled Pet wants you to spend more time with your pet, and less time worrying about running out of treats for the one (or ones) you love. Try some today!