What is a bully stick ?

What is a bully stick?

The short answer is that a bully stick is a dog chew made from the pizzle or penis of a bull.

Why are bully sticks so popular? 

Bully sticks are natural long lasting single ingredient dog treats. They are high in protein, and fully digestible, thus making them a popular go to chew for dogs.

Are bulls killed to make bully sticks?

While bully sticks come from bulls, they are not killed for them. Bully sticks come from parts of the bull that are not for human consumption, and are therefore used to make treats instead of throwing them out. By treating with bully sticks as well as other treats such as lamb and beef lung, and our cod and salmon skins, you make sure no part of the animal or fish goes to waste.

Do bully sticks smell?

The amount of odor with bully sticks ranges from downright hold your nose stinky to odor free, depending on how its processed. Quality bully sticks will have no odor, as they will be properly stored before production and totally cleaned before being baked. 

Where are bully sticks from?
Most bully sticks come from Asia and South America.

TickledPet bully sticks are odor free, and made and sourced in the USA.