Rawhide alternatives for dogs
At TickledPet, we produce and sell a variety of single-ingredient dog treats that dogs go crazy for.
Rawhide is/was quite popular due to it being long-lasting, non-smelling as well as being fairly cheap. Over the past many years it's gotten a pretty bad reputation for a number of reasons including it being almost leather, not being very digestible, and coming primarily from China.

At TickledPet we focus on some rawhide alternatives. 
Bully sticks - Beef pizzle is a long-lasting single-ingredient chew, it has a high protein and calorie count, but they are fully digestible and can last a while. They range in odor from very smelly to odor-free depending on how they are processed. Most bully sticks in the US are imported from South America and Asia. TickledPet bully sticks are all odor free and made and sourced in the USA.
Yak Chews - Yak Cheese chews are quite hard and very long-lasting, as they foment and then dry for a while. They are made in the Himalayas using an old recipe and are usually made from a mixture of yak milk, cow milk a bit of lime and salt. Being that we keep everything single ingredient our yak chews are made using only yak milk with no cow milk added. 
Hard sweet potato chews - Sweet potato chews are vegetarian and while they are not as hard or long-lasting as the bully sticks or yak chews, you get a bigger bag for the same price. they are fully digestible and healthy. TickledPet has them in slabs and frenched cut. 
Fish skin rolls - Dehydrated (not freeze-dried or baked, as those crumble like cookies) fish skin rolls are long-lasting, very healthy, and high in collagen and protein. TickledPet cod skin rolls are very low odor, smelling like fish, not dead fish, and they last a while even with the hardest chewers. 
The reason why we focus on single-ingredient treats is to keep things simple for our pet parents. Instead of giving treats with multiple ingredients that one cannot pronounce, all of our treats are just one ingredient, which means that the name of the treat is the only thing inside.