Plogging - movement of dog owners attacking the trash

Many of us have seen pictures of dead birds and whales or turtles that are victims of trash in the lakes and oceans.   Innocent birds and fish and other animals eat plastic and other trash that we leave behind and we can see it everywhere.  

It does not take much to make all the trash disappear, all it takes is that we become aware of it.

There is a movement of people that picks up trash on their daily walks with the dog or on their daily hikes and jogging.  People love the extra exercise of bending down for cigarette buds , plastic lids and covid masks . The smaller the trash, more the exercise . The reason is only a sincere desire to improve the environment

This has encouraged people to take new roads and new hikes where trash can be found.  People have created groups on social media and post pictures and information about areas where trash can be found and people flock there to clean making the world a better place. 

This awareness is called Plogging and the word was originally created by combining Jogging and Picking up litter . 

It is wonderful to combine interest in the outdoors and environmental awareness, the pleasure of going out and exercising will be many times greater by doing it this way