Introducing Tickled Pet's New Single Ingredient Dog Treat: Cod Treat!

At Tickled Pet, we are always looking for ways to provide the best and most nutritious treats for your furry friends. That's why we're excited to announce our newest addition to our product line: Cod treat ! Made with only the finest, freshest cod, these treats are not only delicious, but also packed with health benefits.

Cod is a lean, low-calorie source of protein that's rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fats are known to support heart health, brain function, and a shiny coat. Cod is also a great source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B12, which is essential for maintaining a healthy nervous system.

Our Cod snack treats are made with only one ingredient, making them ideal for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies. They are also free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors, so you can feel good about giving them to your dog.

These crispy treats are perfect for training, as a reward or just a healthy snack for your dog. And the best part is that they are coming available in 6 weeks on our website and possibly on Amazon, so you can easily order them online.

At Tickled Pet, we believe in transparency when it comes to the ingredients we use in our treats. That's why we use only the best, freshest ingredients, and why we're so excited to be able to offer you these delicious and nutritious Cod Crisp treats.

We can't wait for you and your dog to try our new Cod Crisp treats! Keep an eye on our website and Amazon for their release in 6 weeks and give your dog a taste of the good life.

Thank you for choosing Tickled Pet for your dog's treats. We are committed to providing the best and most nutritious treats for your furry friends.