Icelandic Codfish Skin Twists | Dog Treats 5oz

SKU: TP015

Size: 5oz


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Customer Reviews

Based on 138 reviews
Too big now

Our two dogs love this treat. However, you replaced the straw size treats with something that's at least 3x that size. So it's fewer treats and . Not a fan of that decision. But the treats themselves are excellent.

susan l
Great Value and Great Products!

My dog LOVES her fish skin and I used to purchase the Tickled Pet Salmon Fish Skin but it was always out of stock at my local pet store. I went online to Tickled Pet website and saw that they had bulk fish skins. I bought the cod skin and it is perfect! it is such a great value for the amount of fish skins. Highly recommend!

Susana M.
My dog LOVES the Icelandic Codfish Skin Rolls!

My dog LOVES the Icelandic Codfish Skin Rolls! I have also noticed how clean her teeth have gotten since we adopted her. Love that they are natural and nothing artificial about them!

Healthy teeth

A year ago I had my goldendoodle at the vet and they told me he had a lot of tarter build up and he would need his teeth professionally cleaned. It would cost $1500+. Instead of getting them cleaned, I’ve been giving him 1 fish skin a day for the past year. This year at the vet they said his teeth look great. My dogs teeth look great and he loves his daily treat. I would highly recommend this product.

Becky K
Awesome healthy treats

My 4 shelties love these healthy treats! I break up the big ones for my little sheltie.

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