Offer for the salmon lovers! Salmon Skin 3 pound bulk Dog Treats

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Every dog I know loves these

Excellent item and our dogs and neighbors dogs love them.

Do not buy!!!! This can kill your dog!

The salmon skin I received almost killed my dog. It's paper thin and clear. You can see light through it. Dogs are unable to cut through and it gets lodged in their throat! If I wasn't watching my dog, she would have been dead!!! The bags I bought from Mudbay is a totally different quality than what I received directly from the company! I even reached out and no response! Bait and switch or cutting corners? Not sure, but it's not worth my dog's life!

The best dog treats I've ever purchased

This brand has been a household favorite for several years. My dogs have severe allergies to nearly every animal protein, and are on a novel protein diet for this reason. I usually have to make my own treats at home so I can manage the ingredients added because everything at the store likes to sneak in chicken meal or pork fat and the like. Thankfully, salmon (and most fish) are safe protein sources for my dogs, and so we started buying the salmon skins and other fish treats from Tickled Pet for a "high value" option on our training days. My dogs go absolutely bananas-bonkers when I come home smelling like the pet shop bc they know fish skins are in the bag! Recently I went to TP website to send a thank you to the company for offering products to meet novel needs, and discovered they sell in bulk! I immediately purchased a giant box of fish skins and capelins (sp?) and can't believe my luck! I had no idea this was available and it's wildly affordable compared to individual bags from the store. I'm so grateful to have found this brand, and I hope they stay in business forever, because they have a customer for life!

When will these be back in stock?

My dog loves these. When will they be back in stock? Thanks!

Bulk Salmon Skins

I ordered 3lbs of the bulk Salmon Skins and I am impressed. The skins are huge and most are whole fish skins from the whole side of a salmon! They do have more of a fishy smell than the cod skin rolls but they are minimally processed and my dog loves them. Highly recommended!!!

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