What is the diffrence between a pet food and a pet treat ?

Pet industry is growing and natural treats are becoming more popular, and single ingredient and limited ingredients are becoming more popular over processed multi ingredient treats.   

Pet parents have found that products with long ingredient lists where many of the ingredients are processing aids with the only function is to get the product through the processing plant is not what their pet needs today.

Families have taken their pet in as a family member and care about their pet like one of the children. Many pet owners select the foods they have accordingly. 

When selecting food for ourselves we know that processed foods are somewhat an unhealthier choice than choosing natural Fish, Meat or Vegetables.  Balanced diet is what we are aiming at for ourselves.  

The pet industry does not trust pet parents to care for their pets the same they do with their children.   Pet foods have the burden of having to have all the ingredients needed to be a balanced diet to be considered as a pet food.  This makes the processing of pet foods unnatural and processing aids and balanced diet packages must be included and mixed into the pet food.    

Pet treats however do not have this burden of balanced diet