Is freeze dried salmon a healthy treat for dogs ?
Our Wild Alaskan Salmon treats are loaded with essential nutrients because of the method of drying and the nutritional ingredients in the salmon. Salmon in general contains alot of fat and 11% of them are the essential omega 3 fatty acids, the longer the omega 3 fatty acids are the easier it is for the dog to utilize them properly. Omega 3 Longer chain fatty acids DHA (22 carbons and 6 double bonds), and EPA (20 carbons and 5 double bonds) are essential fatty acids , and can not be harnessed from any source other than marine fats through diet.

During the digestion of the oils by aid of enzymes and bile in the digestive system , the body can break the fatty acids and utilize them for the reproduction of cells directly. Healthy reproduction of cells leads to a healthier life.

Furthermore the wild alaskan salmon is rich in protein, fat, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. The highest content of nutrients in fish is the high quality proteins. That are easily utilized by the body. Wild Salmon proteins score very high in protein quality of 82-85% net protein utilization , meaning up to 85% of the consumed fish protein can be utilized by the dog to build muscle or produce any kind of operation within the body. Fish proteins score higher than protein isolates from milk like the whey protein bodybuilders use to increase muscles.

Conclusion is that freeze dried salmon is perfect for both dogs and cats as a treat.

By Snorri Halldorsson
Seafood Science Expert,Director of R&D at TickledPet