How to Choose a Fish Oil For My Dog?

There are various types of fish oil on the market: 

Tickledpet supplies only Natural Salmon and Natural Pollock oil, which is the most natural and easiest to absorb for dogs. It is not purified, and may contain natural contaminants that have so low volume of toxins that if your dog would eat 100 pounds per day it would kill him after 80 years..  It is presented as a joke but it is the truth,   the benefits are that by taking the natural oil your dog will live longer and have a healthier life.. 

Purified oils are winterized where alot of low carbon  fatty acids 14:0 and lower  are filtered out.  The oil is filtered with active carbon to reduce any bi phenyls or Contaminants. It is  oiled and It is changed to a soap with caustic soda and then changed back to oil to remove odor and make a better color and finally filled with artificial vitamins to make up for the lost vitamins in the process.  This makes the oil look better but does not make it healthier in any way.  

Ethyl ester oils are normally anchovy or Peruvian/Chilean fish oils.  Sent around the globe where they are concentrated and distilled, removing impurities. They filter out the fatty acids that are not omega 3. They have high levels of omega-3: docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

Changing the oils to ethyl esters and back to fat is not natural process at all.  

Of the three variants the natural oil is the best.  It has the lowest carbon footprint, and has the least processing done to it.  It contains the real thing, the Omega 3 fatty acids, that have not been taken through a expensive process to clean them.  It contains the  natural vitamins from algaes stored in the Salmon and the Pollock. It is the real thing.

By Snorri Halldorsson

Seafood Science Expert,Director of R&D at TickledPet