CBD Oils For Pets - How Its Ingested Matters

Do you ever wonder if the CBD your giving your pup is actually working?

CBD oils for pets seem to be all the rage these days with everyone seeming to have one. There are water soluble, oil soluble, infused treats etc. Prices can reach up to $100 for a tincture. Some people like to shop with a more expensive is better attitude, but is more expensive actually better?

In theory, any CBD that you buy from a real company should be about the same potent. Its a fairly simple extraction process, and if there are lab results showing its efficacy, you know how much CBD you are getting per dose by reading the label.

There is however a major factor that contributes to how effective it actually is. A study done by the University of Minnesota found that how its ingested plays a large part in how much is absorbed. Specifically that after ingesting the CBD along with a high fat meal the maximum amount in the blood was 14 times higher then with a regular meal. 

Giving your pet TickledPet Wild Alaskan Pollock Oil with CBD can be a perfect way to insure that the maximum amount of CBD is actually absorbed. Wild Alaskan Pollock oil is a high fat, high in Omega fish oil that combined with CBD can give your pet the maximum benefits of both. 

Link to the study