USA Bully Sticks – 100% Natural Beef Pizzle Dog Treats - 12 inch

  • All Natural Made in the USA 100% Premium Beef Pizzle
  • Non-Treated, Non-Imported, Non-Irradiated – 100% Fully Digestible- Imported bully sticks go through an irradiation process to help preserve them over the trip to America. At TickledPet our bully sticks are made in the USA and are not irradiated, this makes that more healthy and completely 100% digestible!
  • Perfect for any Dog Size – #1 Loved Natural Dog Treat- our bully sticks are great for any size dogs, from small little Yorkies to the biggest Great Dane!
  • Promotes Dental Health and Encourages Healthy Chewing- Snuggling up with your dog when they have bad breath is hard, TickledPet bully sticks are a great way to help keep bad breath away and strength your dogs teeth. chewing help soothe your dog and calm them down, making cuddling all the more enjoyable!
  • 8oz bag. Our bully sticks are sold by weight, as the thickness varies.  Count per bag varies from 3 to 7 depending on the size of the bully sticks we have at any moment. 

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