For the Lung Lovers - Natural Beef Crisps Bulk | Bite Sized - 4.5 LBS

SKU: TP005-4.5



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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Izabela KonopkA
Has this item changed?

My pittie pup loves these! I was so happy to find something that’s one ingredient
First couple bags ( like 8 lol) smelled good nice light colored pieces
Didn’t purchase because out of stock near me
I purchased a bag
The SMELL I tell you omg and the pieces are super hard extra crispy
Thought ok bad bag or something purchased in another pet store exactly the same
My pup loves them so I give her a couple each day while training etc
She developed diarrhea and was throwing up
Nothing was changed from her diet.
Has this item changed in formula? Are rotten lungs being used really need to know if this treat causes this if anyone recently experienced it also?

Melinda Hague
Beef lung and chew bones

My miniature schnauzer who is a little hyper and doesn’t always mind like she should is LOVING her new chew sticks and beef crisp treats. I’ve purchased all kinds of chew toys and your chew sticks are her favorite! Now when I call her she comes running because she knows she gets a beef crisp treat! Thank you!

Barbara Cornes
Beef Crisps

Finnegan loves this treat.

terrible customer service

I was a subscriber for these lamb crisps (which are my pets favorite). Apparently this item is out of stock now but that was never communicated. And my credit card was charged for my October shipment but no order was fulfilled. I have sent several emails to the support dept with no response. I understand if the item is no longer available but that should be communicated and I should be refunded for something I did not received. Maybe this review will help alert customer service and resolve the issue.

Karen Rizzo
always out of stock

I have tried numerous times to purchase the Lamb Crisps and they are always out of stock are you going to be making these again and if so
please let me know when I can order them - my dog is allergic to beef and this is the only treat we allow him to have with such sensitivities
If you have discontinued these please advise
thank you

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