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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Wendy Cohen
Disappointment with 2 pound Capelin

I love the Capelin I have bought for my dog in 3 ounce well made, sturdy and attractive packaging. The Capelin has been well dried, a good consistent size, not too strong smelling, each fish intact, a good color, holding up well in the bag and delicious for my dog Capriccio.
When the stores where I shop were out of these, I went online and ordered the 2 pound bag.
What a disappointment. The thin plastic bag inside the thin cardboard box had a hole and was taped up all around, making it difficult to open. The box smelled horrible even before opening. I had to put it outside because it was smelling up the whole house. I removed the Capelin to put it in a plastic container. About half I guess the fish were damaged / crushed, broken and or headless. The heads and bits of crushed fish were thick at the bottom of the bag. Many of the intact fish were either badly fried and damp, gaping at the sides with induces hanging family out; or they were tiny and quite hard and dark, looking old. The entire order was very inferior and not at all what I expected given the good quality of the smaller bags. The house still smells bad from it.
I contacted customer service, and Erin from the Phillipines assured me that I would be sent a refund. I have her email to that effect. She told me I didn’t have to keep the smelly repellent package that I didn’t feel safe feeding to my dog.
Later, I called again and she suggested I mail the package back. I told her I wasn’t going to repackage all the little fish and fish crumbs and parts in another bag ( the torn one was disposed of ) ,put it in as box and take the smelly box to the post office to stand in line with it and gain everyone’s attention by he bad snell and waste more of my time and money.
She said that was ok and promised to send my refund.
I will still buy Capelin, but in the small good bags with good product inside, one bag or two at a time so as not to risk the spoilage that had taken place in the large bag.
Please send my promised refund!
Wendy Cohen

Kelly Jeffrey

I assume it was a cost saving issue but the capelin came in a box that when received immediatley emitted that fishy smell. Now I know we are dealing with fish but the bag wasn't really sealed...just taped. Shipping also caused many of the fish to become crushed and broken leaving me with a powder that I will just have to add to my pets food.

Susan Penney
The Best

My standard poodle loves these treats.


Dogs love them. Tried to order again but my order was refunded without any notice of why. Bad business

Whole Capelin fish dog treats

My dogs love, love, love these smelly fish. I’m really happy to feed them something that’s so good for them. Thank you

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