Salmon skin 16" long, 1 pound Dog Treats

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Customer Reviews

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Rebekah Farrstrom
Company has changed

They used to be really great, unfortunately, quality and customer service have both gone out the door. They have gotten so much more expensive. But quality has gone way down. The cod rolls used to last long and be actual skin, now they’re a totally different consistency and quality.. And yet they somehow cost more. I was so excited when I found this company over a year ago, but I will unfortunately be finding a new treat supplier now. I highly suggest doing the same! Not to mention, the 2 times I have placed an order with a coupon this company has sent me directly to my email, (they don’t send me coupons often so it was exciting when they did) they will take weeks and not get ahold of me, not ship my order. Then I have to email them to ask about an update, then they let me know that they “don’t have” the products I purchased (even though it never says out of stock on website) and that they can only replace it with a cheaper/crappier version. For example, I purchased 4 bags of salmon skin rolls this time with the coupon, I wasn’t given any update for almost 2 weeks. I finally sent an email to check in and they claimed the salmon skin is out, they can replace it with the less expensive/crappier quality cod skin rolls. But this whole time is still says the salmon rolls are in stock on the site? It really all feels like a scam at this point. I’m so disappointed in this company. Buyer beware. This company does not honor coupons and has really awful customer service.

Two German Shepherds are obsessed

My pups LOVE EVERYTHING Tickled Pet has to offer. I could not be happier with everything we have tried.
Thank you Tickled for all your FABULOUS offerings!!
I'll be telling everyone even before they ask.
YOU.ARE.AWESOME and have great products! TU

Stacey Clow
Shipping is terrible

Been waiting almost three weeks for my order to even ship. They keep saying they’re waiting on shipping materials but my first two orders literally came in a plastic bag inside a square box. Can’t possibly take three weeks to get that. Love the skins and sent a few friends to them but went recommend anymore.


My dogs love it!

My Dogs' Favorite

Both of my miniature American shepherds love these SO MUCH. They get one every morning with their breakfast and one in the early evening to help calm them down when I come home from work. My female MAS is so crazy about them she does a little dance and twirls in a circle when she hears the word "fishy." I don't know if it's the salmon skins, but the vet said they had perfect teeth at a recent visit. Highly recommend and I hope they never stop making them.

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