Premium Golden Himalayan Yak | Dog Chews - Large

SKU: TP010

Size: Large - 11oz


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great dog chew!

I had tried different types of chews with dental benefits with my husky/lab mix dog, and these yak chews work great! They provide some enrichment as my dog loves to chew on them, and they have also helped with some of the plaque on her teeth. Even though she is a larger dog, I tried the small size to prevent her from trying to bury them like a bone. The small size has worked as they are large enough for her to hold and chew, and she does not associate they with being a bone (yet!) so does not try to bury them. I would recommend these yak chews.

Carissa Zorz
Best yak chews

Our Boston loves these yak chews! We love the price and quality is amazing!

Connie Rucinski
Lab favorite

My lab loved the yak chews it keeps her busy for a little while not like others that are gone in seconds

Sam Sam
my dog craves this!

We buy these locally and my dog can't get enough of these yak chews. Every time we go into Pet Market she knows that she is in for this treat.

Mike Bond
Best Long Lasting Treat

These are the only long lasting treat that I can find that don’t 1.Stink 2.Last less than a day 3.Make my dog act possessive! I love how there is no wasting any because you can puff it up once it’s too small. I think that’s also why my dog doesn’t object to me taking it away, because she knows she loves the puffs. I couldn’t recommend a long lasting treat any higher!

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